SIMPLICITY – Placing an order should be SIMPLE yet an order entry screen can be very complex.  We’ve created solutions that are truly simple to use because we’ve understood our clients’ business environments and we’ve worked hard to understand their needs. Let our team simplify your business while increasing productivity with less resources.

Analysis and Design

Pur-Logic Solutions is here to work with you in identifying the source of your business need. From sourcing a new software to working with what you have to gain more efficiencies our team is qualified through years of industry experience to guide your team.  Every company has both company and departmental goals often using individual software. Let us create one point of entry for data and allow all systems to talk to each other. Did you ever wish your software could email you vital information - yes it can.

Sync your vital information  Read how easy it is.

Software  Implementation

Pur-Logic Solutions has consultants, implementers and trainers versed in the software and can provide conversion services from your current software, system design for your new software or module, testing, testing and more testing. We pride ourselves on making sure your system works for you.

Training and Support

Pur-Logic Solutions provided training and ongoing support after your implementation. Implementation doesn’t stop the day you go live and we support this model. Our team of trainers have trained one on one and in classroom settings.  We provide training documents with all our sessions.


Pur-Logic Solutions has real world experience to guide you through the process of streamlining your systems be they financial, manufacturing, communication, sales or a complete analysis of your processes both financial and operational.
 Our defined methodology highlights needs identification and a return on investment that makes sense to our clients.

Database Support

Pur-Logic Solutions supports major databases such as Pervasive SQL ™, Microsoft SQL ™ and we even have support for legacy DOS and Foxpro systems. From maintenance, repair or design the Pur-Logic support team is here to assist you. Is your data corrupt – let us help you get it back on track to ensure accuracy and profitability.

Check out our complimentary Whitepaper - 7 Shortcuts to help you lose your DATA and probably your job.

Report Design

Pur-Logic Solutions recognizes that reporting from complete BI reporting to form creation for your system is the heart of any system. The best data in the world is useless unless you can report on it. From logos, crystal report, excel based financial reporting to complex MS SQL reporting a team member is here to assist you.

Pur-Logic Solutions represents award winning software designed to meet a broad spectrum of business needs. We are proud to represent Sage Software and a host of software products to enhance and give new relevance to the software you already own.

We develop applications to interact with Sage Accpac ERP, Sage Abra HRMS, Sage Accpac CRM and Sage Simply Accounting for which we are a Sage Development Partner.


Our team has worked on reporting for publically traded financial institutions to travel companies needing to know what is coming in next year.

Custom Programming

Pur-Logic Solutions recognizes that each organization is unique. For those companies who require a reporting system uniquely their own we can not only add functionality but also create workflows to alleviate human intervention and increase productivity.

Project Management

Pur-Logic Solutions understands that management and communication throughout a project be it a form revision or a major implementation is the key to the success of your project. Let us assist you by guiding you through the process.  Effective communication between each team both Pur-Logic and client is the path to success. Common targets, task lists, issues and milestones are the tools we bring to the project. What are you trying to achieve with this change?

Discover the power that peace of mind can bring. Click here to contact Pur-Logic Solutions Inc.

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