Now a web store can talk to your SAGE ERP ACCPAC accounting system in real-time


“XM Oxygen is now integrated with Moodle, an open source software package used for the creation of internet based courses and web sites. Our integration enables businesses to sell online courses using XM Oxygen. Once a sale is completed the user is automatically authenticated with Moodle and the order details passed to Sage Accpac in real-time. Moodle is a global development project designed to support a social constructionist framework of education. As of October 2010 Moodle had a user base of 49,952 registered and verified sites, serving 37 million users in 3.7 million courses.”

B2C Webstore
XM Oxygen is your ready-to-go web store integrating exclusively with Sage ERP Accpac. Your web store will automatically apply your volume discounts as clients add more items to the basket. Any products that are marked ‘on special’ in Sage Accpac will update on the website within the minute and will end the sale on the date set in Accpac, allowing you to manage your pricing and sale items from one location, reducing mistakes and removing double or even triple entry.

Realtime Reporting
Now you can have visibility like never before... whether it be Inventory, Sales, Orders or even Accounts Receivable, XM Oxygen comes preloaded with a vast array of up to the minute reports
B2B – Business to Business
XM Oxygen is the only eCommerce solution for Accpac ERP that provides the capability for a business to deploy a B2B web store with real-time integration to the back office, including full support for customer specific pricing, taxes, terms and currency. XM Oxygen continually synchronizes with the Accpac ERP database eliminating any requirement to manage data in two places and to re-key web store transaction data such as Orders and Quotes.

Everything you need out of the box...
The most comprehensive eCommerce solution available, used in industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Apparel (Clothing, Shoes, Hats)
  • Furniture
  • Toys & Gifts
  • Online Media (PDF’s, Music, Images)
  • Sporting Goods
  • Booking Courses
  • Hardware
  • Solar Panels
…and much, much more.

Secure, reliable ecommerce
XM Oxygen uses cutting edge technology to connect your Accpac accounting system with the website remotely and securely. Using a combination of SSH Tunneling and 128 bit encryption we are able to replicate data such as new products, customers, stock levels and transaction histories every 60 seconds – but still keeping the amount of data being transferred extremely small. With XM Oxygen your ecommerce website will keep itself up to date.

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