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Sage eCommerce

Extend your Sage platform to the world of eCommerce 

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Integrated eCommerce and Payment Processing Solutions for Sage 300

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North 49

The most deeply integrated and versatile eCommerce solution for Sage 300. 

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Intelligent eCommerce for your business

Sage is an integral part of your business—and what you’ve built your business upon. With digital transformation taking hold, you’re now looking at eCommerce to drive incremental revenue and improve operating efficiencies. To maximize your investment in Sage, it makes sense to use an eCommerce solution that’s already fully integrated.

As the only Sage certified eCommerce solution, Sage eCommerce empowers you to seamlessly extend your Sage solution to the digital world with secure and real-time connectivity. Right from the start. No disconnected databases. No manual re-entry of orders. No costly integration projects that inevitably go over budget and over time. Now that’s Intelligent eCommerce for your business.

Why Sage eCommerce?

Sage eCommerce delivers a robust and scalable eCommerce solution to help you drive incremental revenue and improve operational efficiencies, making your business even more competitive.

• Mimics your pre-defined business logic in Sage

• Real-time orders and payments integration

• Always accurate inventory management

• Cost effective to maintain for fast ROI

• Out-of-the-box, real-time, two-way integration

• Anywhere, anytime access for remote teams

• Streamline your business processes

Sage eCommerce provides you with Intelligent eCommerce in three ways:

  • Insightful - Delivers real-time insight and analytics, providing you with comprehensive visibility across your entire eCommerce operation
  • Intuitive - Built-in responsive design templates allow you to extend your business and brand online, all managed through the easy-to-use eCommerce Console.
  • Integrated - Sage eCommerce is a seamless extension of your Sage solution allowing you to streamline your online business processes for fast ROI.

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The most customizable eCommerce solution for Sage 300C


Iciniti Store is an advanced eCommerce solution that is customizable to meet your business needs and provides true two-way integration with Sage 300C.  Show your inventory in multi-tiered categories with extended product descriptions and images. Let Sage 300 continue to manage pricing and products your customers can purchase online. 



 Iciniti Store 

  • Iciniti Store is an advanced eCommerce solution customizable to meet your business needs and provides a two-way integration with Sage 300C. Let Sage 300 continue to manage pricing and products your customers can purchase online

Inciniti Portal

  • Iciniti Portal offers your customers visibility into their current and historical transactions. Always online,from any device, anytime. When integrated with Iciniti Credit Card, Iciniti Portal gives customers the option of paying open invoices online. Your business is always open!


Iciniti Credit Card

  • Iciniti Credit works with most major merchant account providers to fully automate and streamline credit card payment processing. Pre-authorize or pre-pay orders from your web store  automatically passes the authorization to Sage 300C from Order Entry through invoicing

Iciniti Order Reader

  • Iciniti Order Reader automatically creates your web store orders in Sage 300 Order Entry. No more time re-entering orders and correcting mistakes. Safe, secure and configurable to your business processes, Iciniti Order Reader can handle hundreds of orders in minutes. 

A complete, integrated eCommerce solution for Sage


Webtelligence Ecommerce for Sage 

A fully integrated eCommerce solution for Sage 300C. It offers two-way integration from the web to Sage 300C and beyond. Webtelligence allows you to implement a web store that addresses your specific B2B and B2C eCommerce. Benefits include:

  • Smart & secure data management
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Works in real time, all the time
  • Smart, intuitive design


Self-Serve Customer Portal 

It has never been easier or more affordable for you to provide anintegrated self-serve customer portal for Sage 300C. You will be able to view account activity (including outstanding balance), open and completed invoices, orders, payments, credit notes and more. 

Setting up is quick and easy! There are no changes needed to your  , and no requirement for hardware upgrades.



Salesperson Portal

Increase the productivity of your field sales without increasing your overhead.The Webtelligence Salesperson Portal can provide access to all relevant customer and product information in real-time, 

allowing your field salesforce the freedom to work from anywhere, any time and on any device.

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