Cannabis is a budding industry that is experiencing growth at an all time high!

It is a unique and industry with an array of complex business requirements. Cannabis manufacturers, distributers, growers, cultivators, and dispensaries each have their specific needs whether it’s to handle the end-to-end process of the entire business or a smaller business looking to grow.

As everyone in the cannabis industry knows, accounting could not be more important. Significant regulatory requirements mean that growers and sellers need to be transparent about their finances. And with competition picking up across the board, smart and strategic money management becomes increasingly important. For all these reasons, cannabis companies need to excel at accounting.

Which means they need to have excellent accounting software. And while many products are adequate, few offer the comprehensive toolkit and industry-specific features that a successful and scalable cannabis company requires.

Sage Intacct cloud accounting software helps cannabis businesses take control of their processes, be more efficient, meet compliance requirements, and adjust to custom processes. Sage Intacct can meet the unique needs and wants of cannabis companies, including the ability to easily integrate with seed to sale software.

Canix Canada: The Best in Seed to Sale Software

Pur-Logic Solutions has partnered with Canix Canada, whose seed to sale solution integrates seamlessly with Sage Intacct, the AICPA’s only preferred financial management solution. Now, no matter where you fit in the cannabis space, you can right-size your software.

Canix's cannabis ERP software eliminates the frustrating busywork in compliance, inventory management and sales in your cannabis business. The expertise in offerings through Canix and the great functionality provided with Sage Intacct gives full-featured capabilities to everyone, regardless of where they are in the cannabis journey.

Greenline POS: A System Designed for Canadian Compliance

We have also partnered with Greenline POS, a compliant, Canadian cannabis retail infrastructure providing everything from in-store point-of-sale to online e-commerce. Effortlessly sell cannabis on Greenline's iOS, Android, and web point-of-sale system. Greenline operates exclusively in Canada. That’s why their systems do not have unnecessary features that slow you down, and why they are the first to update when compliance rules change over time.

Built to Scale

The cannabis industry is diverse. Growers, distributors, and retail operations have their unique challenges. Some need all the functionality to handle the end-to-end needs of the entire industry. Others are starting small and looking to expand.

Regardless of where you are in your growth cycle, you can find the right-sized solution that will grow right along with you. You can have a seamless Seed to Sale and Accounting system leaving you more time to nurture your business. Whether you’re looking at seed-to-sale solutions or strengthening your accounting processes, connect with us today and find out how we can help grow your business.

Is Your Current Software Helping your Business Grow?

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system allows you to streamline processes, capture all relevant data and create a full view of your business. Cannabis companies have some unique requirements that many out-of-the-box ERPs were not designed to support.

Use this list to determine whether the ERP solution you are using can support your cannabis business. If your ERP provider can’t check off most of these points, it is time to re-evaluate your system and give the team at Pur-Logic Solutions a call!

  1. The ERP integrates to your seed-to-sale solution and other systems. Your ERP should have open APIs to integrate with your seed-to-sale software, as well as systems such as point-of-sale, warehouse management, and other solutions.
  2. A strong ERP combined with Canix, will enable you to eliminate manual tasks, such as reconciliations, that use up too much of your staff’s valuable time.
  3. The ERP has Canadian compliance reporting.
  4. The ERP provides real-time analytics. This allows you to see fresh, reliable data you can use to make better decisions with a few clicks.
  5. The system is cloud-based, which offers security, flexibility to log in from anywhere, scalability to grow with you, lower operating costs, and 24/7 support.
  6. The ERP can consolidate multiple entities, processing each entity independently.
  7. The system is audit ready which helps you smooth out year-to-year changes and provides the consistency.
  8. The ERP provides clear real-time and historical data, to help you present an accurate story to current and potential investors.

Need some assistance or have questions? Pur-Logic Solution’s cannabis experts can help you find the software that best supports your budding business.