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DocLink - Documents at your fingertips

The full suite of DocLink features and functions are available to Sage users. Previously known as Sage Document Management, DocLink is a Sage Endorsed Solution, the highest achievable certification with Sage. The program provides extensive development resources, technical services, and strategic product and marketing benefits that help assure complete customer satisfaction with third-party applications. document management software

Do documents get lost? Store them electronically so they can be instantly accessed from the desktop.
Is printing, storing and shipping documents getting expensive? Route them electronically to save paper, time and money!
Have to search through files for related documents? Sage ERP Document Management allows you to instantly see all documents associated with a particular order, vendor, or customer.
Does it take too long to get approvals? Set up automatic email notifications and the ability to approve documents remotely via Smart Phone.
When you take paper out of the equation, and you’re equipped with the right tools, the opportunities for improved efficiencies are endless!




Sometimes when we speak with companies about document management, we hear, “This solution would be so great … if only we had the budget for it.” There is a perception that if you want to make a digital transformation to go paperless, you have to buy the whole expensive software package with all the bells and whistles. Many people don’t realize that they can purchase a scale-able solution like DocLink to start small and grow at the company’s pace.

For some companies, it’s easier to get approval on the investment
if it comes in smaller pieces.

Step One: Electronic Documents

The easiest concept to explain, and perhaps the most important, is the idea of taking printed, physical documents and replacing them with electronic ones. To accomplish this, we simply need to capture an image of the document, either by scanning it or sending it to a virtual printer, then give that document meaning by adding index values. By purchasing this simple, document repository system, a company could save significant amounts of time and money that would be spent storing and searching for documents.

Step Two: Output Automation

Being able to store and view documents electronically is huge when it comes to saving on storage costs, but the costs to send documents through the mail or via courier can get quite expensive too. The Output tool will automatically distribute documents via email, fax or print – depending on the recipient’s preference. Not having to separate, fold, apply postage and mail all of those documents is a significant benefit, and not having to keep track of who needs which documents sent in what format is certainly helpful too

Step Three: Workflow Automation

The next step in a paperless office environment is being able to route documents for approval. An invoice, for example, might need to go through several levels of approval before accounts payable can cut a check. Sometimes that even involves sending it to different approvers based on the amount or the vendor. With workflow automation, those documents can automatically reach the appropriate first step in the approval process once they are scanned in. Then after reviewing, making notes or coding, that approver can click a button to send it to the next step in the approval process. Workflow automation saves time while allowing for reporting and auditing of activity. Managing processes electronically minimizes the chances for error and gives supervisors the ability to manage to the exception instead of the rule.

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Document Management Link: Drag & drop, rename and view, from any Sage 300 screen

Document Management Link (DML) allows you to link multiple files and documents to Sage 300 (Accpac) fields, and access them directly from your existing Sage 300 screens. It puts documents where you can find them, when you need them.

  • Linked documents can be accessed from any Sage 300 screen or transaction record that references a nominated field.
  • You control how and where documents are displayed, including optional role-based filters.
  • Add new documents by drag and drop from within Sage 300, and have them automatically renamed to conform to your own naming convention.

The result – an economical document management system. Use it to streamline all processes that require supporting documentation, while reducing your reliance on paper-based documentation.

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  • Improved customer service - essential documents easily found and accessed
  • Improved productivity – documents are always available, no more searching for them
  • Streamlined operations - with supporting documents linked to the right record
  • Improved multi-site operations - access from Sage 300, no need to distribute hard copies
  • Reduced costs - less storage, copying, printing, consumables and keeping of multiple copies
  • Builds on your existing scanning and document capture systems


Orchid Document Management (pdf)


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