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Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Sage 300

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ACCU-DART is a real-time inventory control solution, designed to integrate directly with Sage 300

ACCU-DART is a comprehensive inventory control solution that is available at a competitive price. There are no additional servers or databases to purchase. The cost benefits of ACCU-DART include:

  • reduced labour
  • real-time validation
  • accurate inventory

The R/F terminals with bar code scanners eliminate the need for manual data entry. You can rely on the accuracy of ACCU-DART because of the real-time validation of exactly what is in the ERP system. Inventory and financial data are integrated seamlessly,allowing management to make more informed decisions. Customer satisfaction will improve because you will deliver the right goods to the right customers on time.

Real time updates of accounting/inventory system production data, sets ACCU-DARTapart from its competition. As a shipment is processed, the invoice is generated, just as ifthe update were done by a PC. Best of all, the system is easy to learn and use.

ACCU-DART users benefit from our years of experience and expertise - we have beenproviding proven inventory solutions since 1991 . We also can customize ACCU-DART to fityour unique business requirements


  • Efficiency - ACCU-DART is integrated directly with your ERP system when a transaction is posted, it is automatically updated in the ERP software
  • Accuracy - ACCU-DART verifies directly with the ERP software that the correct items are being scanned for every transaction. This significantly reduces errors, and ensures that you always know exactly what is happening with your inventory in real time.
  • Affordability - ACCU-DART is an affordable inventory control solution. Each feature is priced as an individual module, making it easy to purchase the exact functionality you need.
  • Functionality - ACCU-DART offers a large collection of modules which provide essential functionality for your business. Our list of available modules is growing all the time!


NEW ACCU-DART Hardware Options (pdf)


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Powerful Automation for Inventory-based Businesses

Inventory tracking in a warehouse and across multiple sales channels is time consuming, and managing it is even harder without an accurate view of what you have on-hand, at every level: management and operations.

The Solution?
Creating a fast and simple software platform that makes handling inventory as efficient and friendly as possible, starting at the warehouse operation level, the roots of it all, to the multi-channel distribution.

Today, SwiftCount is the inventory management tool of hundreds of retail, e-commerce and distribution businesses around the world.

Key Features

  • Serial and Lot Tracking
  • Barcoding and Label Printing
  • Bin Tracking
  • Wave Picking
  • Inventory Cycle Counting
  • Manage Multiple Warehouses
  • Easy Inventory Transfers
  • Curbside Pickup Features
  • Detailed Inventory Analytics
  • Much More ...


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