Cyber Resiliency

With a highly connected world, cyber-attacks have become a global threat with attacks impacting organizations, and individuals across the globe. It’s no secret that the pandemic has served as a massive wake-up call with an increase in the mere scale of these attacks and threats. It’s no longer a matter of if, but when a business will face a cyber attack and businesses must prepare for that inevitability.

Back in June of this year, the Canadian government announced further steps to strengthen Canada’s cyber security with the introduction of Bill C-26An Act Respecting Cyber Security (ARCS). This proposed legislation will protect Canadians and strengthen cyber security across the financial, telecommunications, energy, and transportation sectors.  

According to the Honourable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety “in the 21st century, cyber security is national security – and this new legislation will ensure that Canada’s defenses meet the moment…this bill is one part of our robust strategy to defend Canada and the crucial infrastructure that Canadians rely on,” Mendicino says.

And the timing of this bill couldn’t be more crucial, as many businesses often lack the proper cyber security defenses which puts them at risk for identity theft, a data breach, or even a cyber attack.

Lowering that risk depends on selecting software that can prove it makes cybersecurity a priority. 

Sage Intacct helps users feel confident their financial data is safe and secure by incorporating cybersecurity into every phase of development. Not only is data more secure in Sage Intacct’s native-cloud environment; it’s easier to manage that security and less expensive too, which is ideal for companies with lean security teams and budgets.

All Sage Intacct servers are housed in secure facilities designed to prevent and mitigate every conceivable issue that could compromise data security or availability. In fact, the internal security team at Sage Intacct monitors the system round-the-clock to see the earliest evidence of incoming attacks and prevent them in advance. Users also receive immediate notification about security issues that require their attention. 

Remaining a step ahead is a constant battle, and your organization’s reputation, and survival, can be at stake. A major way to stay protected is to obtain cyber security insurance for your organization. Insurance will protect you from economic damages that can result from failure to secure your network and protect data privacy. Cyber Liability coverage ensures you remain prepared in a world of uncertainty and that your business remains cyber resilient.

Contact us for more information on how moving to the cloud can help keep your company cyber safe. In the meantime, check out our webinar and learn how Sage Intacct works to keep your financial system safe and reliable.