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Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting is a flexible business reporting tool that integrates with your Sage 300 solution

Intelligence Reporting gives you a holistic view of your business by seamlessly consolidating your data from Sage 300, reducing spreadsheet chaos, and improving collaboration across your business. With Intelligence Reporting, you can automatically run and distribute fully customizable reports in Microsoft® Excel®, so you spend more time analyzing the data, and less time locating and preparing it.


With Sage Intelligence you will

  • Get timely, automated reports that can be run and distributed at your convenience
  • Gain control with accurate, Excel-based reports containing data that is pulled straight from your Sage solution. 
  • Get immediate access to insightful information that you can view any way you choose, enabling you to make decisions. 

Make faster, better-informed decisions using SEI


Your business has collected a massive amount of data—and it’s only just begun.

Good news! Now you can transform that complex, fragmented data into meaningful information that has real decision-making power. Sage Enterprise Intelligence fully integrates with Sage 300 and Sage X3, plus it provides intuitive tools so you can securely access and analyze enterprise data with ease. Reduce time spent on analysis and reporting and get the insight you need to support better-informed decisions with Sage Enterprise Intelligence.


Get the insight you need to take action, when and where you need it.

  • Unite the organization and make better decisions by providing user-defined access to reports that give comprehensive analysis across the business.
  • Empower business users across departments with the ability to create analysis and reports that are meaningful to their roles and objectives.
  • Decide what to do next using insights made from information accessed when and where you and your employees need it, from any device.

Visualize Every Byte of Your Sage ERP Data in Real-Time


Maximize the ROI on your Sage ERP investments with true self-service analytics from Anvizent

Anvizent integrates Sage ERP data, CRM data, Shop Floor data and any other data into one platform to provide a unified view of the business. Get instant access to 100+ fully functional manufacturing specific dashboards across sales, customer service, manufacturing, financial and other key functions. Track your operations in real-time, identify trends, uncover hidden issues and take timely action to keep performance on track. 


All Your Data at Your Fingertips

Take control of your business like never before. Anvizent integrates Sage, Shop Floor, Financials, Legacy and other data into one platform to provide a single, unified view of the business. Visualize, blend, merge, slice and dice data to get the answers you need, when you need them. No more waiting for hours or days to get access to the insights you need to run your business. 

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