Cannabis Success: How Sage Intacct Cultivates Cash Flow

As everyone in the cannabis industry knows, accounting could not be more important. Being a
cash-based industry (for now) requires careful oversight of how money moves in and out of the
business. Significant regulatory requirements mean that growers and sellers need to be
transparent about their finances. And with competition picking up across the board, smart and
strategic money management becomes increasingly important. For all these reasons, cannabis
companies need to excel at accounting.

Which means they need to have excellent accounting software. And while many products are
adequate, few offer the comprehensive toolkit and industry-specific features that a successful
and scalable cannabis company requires.

That explains why Sage Intacct is quickly becoming the preferred financial management
solution for the cannabis industry. Compared to tools like Quickbooks and Excel, it offers
features appropriate for companies with complicated and expansive accounting requirements.
And compared to many other accounting solutions on the market, Sage Intacct can meet the
unique needs and wants of cannabis companies, including the ability to easily integrate with
seed to sale software. Some financial solutions are powerful, while others are industry-appropriate; Sage Intacct is both.

Which gives users important capabilities they didn’t have before to streamline operations,
manage risks, and, most importantly, cultivate cash flow. Some exciting examples include:

• Go to the Cloud – Sage Intacct travels everywhere. Get access to all accounting tools
and financial data from the cloud so that effective accounting is not confined to one
person or one location.
• Learn from Data – With powerful tools to collect, organize, analyze, and report on data,
decision makers can incorporate financial insights into everything they do. Not only do
they have faster and easier access to data, but they can see more of the insights hidden
inside the numbers.
• Make Compliance Easy – Smart accounting controls combined with an automatic audit
trail makes staying compliant almost effortless. The fact that Sage Intacct integrates
with popular seed-to-sale software makes thorough record keeping simpler than ever.
• Ditch Manual Processes – By automating the most time- and labor-intensive parts of
accounting, Sage Intacct saves mountains of time, prevents common and costly errors,
and frees up accountants to focus on the big picture instead of the day to day.
• Stay Lean and Agile – Cannabis business with an integrated, automated, and cloud-based accounting tool have a distinct competitive advantage. In a fast-changing industry, they can forecast what’s coming, pivot with speed and confidence, and remain resilient against disruptions.

Sage Intacct – A Better Strain of Accounting Software
With Sage Intacct, everyone in the cannabis industry has a potent financial management tool
for high-grade accounting. Pur-Logic Solutions is here to help Canada’s cannabis industry
implement, optimize, and utilize all that Sage Intacct can do. Why let accounting be a hassle,
liability, or obstacle to growth? Sage Intacct has the solution.

See what it can do at the upcoming O’Cannabiz Show in Toronto from June 1-3, 2022, where
Pur-Logic Solutions will have a booth and will be running demos. Or schedule a demo at anytime by contacting us