Sage Intacct – The Ideal Accounting Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have plenty of options for accounting software. There’s no shortage of systems that can handle the vast majority of their financial workloads. What most options are missing, however, are accounting tools customized for the unique needs of nonprofits. Most tools are adequate. Few are ideal, with the exception of Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct is  a comprehensive financial management platform, it offers a full toolkit for money management with features that address the most critical, complex, and time-consuming accounting obligations facing a nonprofit. But unlike most other comparable accounting tools, it has features built for nonprofit in particular. With Sage Intacct, nonprofits have a solution that is both powerful and purpose-built – something exceedingly rare in the software market. 

Fund accounting is a great example of what Sage Intacct can do. Most accounting platforms struggle with this, but dedicated fund accounting tools sit separate from the rest of the accounting system. Sage Intacct, on the other hand, has powerful fund accounting tools integrated with the rest of the platform. 

Fund Accounting in Sage Intacct

Fund accounting is about tracking funds that have requirements assigned to them by donors, granting authorities, or government agencies. It’s one challenge to meet those requirements, and another to record them effectively. Getting it right is essential, though, because fund accounting mistakes can harm the confidence of donors, violate the terms of grants, and put future funding in jeopardy. 

Sage Intacct doesn’t just make fund accounting possible, it perfects the process to be simple and streamlined yet precise and compliant. The best way to appreciate what the fund accounting tool can do is to see (and try) it in person, but here are some of the ways it elevates fund accounting:

  • Track and manage funds with a few clicks instead of hours doing data entry.
  • Automate manual processes to improve the speed and productivity of lean nonprofit teams. 
  • Meet all compliance obligations with strict financial stewardship. 
  • Supply stakeholders with real-time reports for better visibility into all financial activities. 
  • Control access and privileges for employees or volunteers working remotely. 

Raising the Bar for Nonprofits

Nonprofits that use Sage Intacct spend 90% less time on fund accounting. Even more importantly, they know where every single cent goes so that fund accounting issues don’t cause financial turbulence. On the contrary, these nonprofits can reliably pass audits, keep the confidence of funders, and distinguish themselves as organizations that make maximal use of the money entrusted to them. That is to say, perfecting fund accounting makes nonprofits stronger overall. 

Fund accounting is just one of many nonprofit accounting issues that Sage Intacct solves. And with the help of a partner that knows nonprofits, Sage Intacct gets even better. Pur-Logic Solutions is here to help nonprofits of all shapes and sizes implement Sage Intacct, leverage it to the fullest, and reap the largest ROI. Eager to learn more? Contact us, and in the meantime check out some great success stories here.