Sage Intacct Takes AP Automation to the Next Level

Accounts payable is without a doubt one of the most significant obligations facing any business. Paying invoices obviously has a major impact on the bottom line. But on top of that, managing AP takes lots of time, energy, and careful attention to detail. Getting it right isn’t easy – but getting it wrong isn’t acceptable, either. 

Any process that’s repetitive, time-consuming, and detail-oriented is a prime candidate for automation. That’s especially true when handling the process manually leads to inefficiencies, errors, and inconsistencies. Putting AP on autopilot makes sense for countless reasons. Yet a recent study shows that the majority of businesses (56%) have yet to embrace it. Why?

Some are resistant to change, others feel their AP process works well enough already. For most, however, the idea of automating AP has sounded great for years, even decades. The problem was that technology couldn’t handle the process from end-to-end and achieve better results than human accountants…until now. 

Exciting Innovations in the Latest Sage Intacct

First some background: Sage Intacct is a leading financial management platform built for growing and mid-sized companies, many of which have outgrown their previous accounting software. It provides a complete toolkit for accounting and finance. And with quarterly updates to add new features, expand existing functionality, and improve interfaces based on user feedback, that toolkit is always getting bigger and better. 

The first Sage Intacct update of 2022 comes free with one of the most exciting innovations ever to be included: sophisticated AP automation. 

It works by first allowing users to connect their banks, vendors, and payment processors together through the Sage Business Cloud. Once linked, automation can take over the accounts payable processes, retrieving the data it needs and completing each required step without accountants needing to get involved. 

It’s the same process , only better in every way thanks to automation that makes AP faster, simpler, more accurate, and more scalable for everyone.  

How AP Automation Works in Sage Intacct

  1. Upon receiving a bill, an automated digital assistant digitizes it, matches the bill to the right vendor, and populates the relevant info into Sage Intacct – no data entry required. 
  2. Sage Intacct stores digital copies of each bill to eliminate paper filing and expedite where the bill gets routed for approval. File cabinets are a thing of the past. 
  3. After approval, Sage Intacct automatically sends electronic payments to the correct vendors. There are no setup or subscription fees involved with this service. No paper checks either. 

AP Will Never Be the Same Again

Now that Sage Intacct automates AP, companies can redirect the time, labor, and cost involved with this process elsewhere. At the same time, they can count on their invoices getting paid on time and their accounting being accurate, up to date, and organized at all times. Who wouldn’t want that?

AP automation is just one of many impressive and impactful things Sage Intacct can do. Learn more by setting up a free consultation with Pur-Logic Solutions.