Let’s Play Conference Call BINGO!

It was March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic turned the workplace on its head. Suddenly, travel was limited or cancelled completely. Employees who had never worked remotely found themselves working from home for the first time, sometimes while juggling caregiving responsibilities. Workplace meetings were held virtually. The pandemic has changed the way work gets done,…

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Sage Intacct – The Ideal Accounting Software for Nonprofits

hand holding data

Nonprofits have plenty of options for accounting software. There’s no shortage of systems that can handle the vast majority of their financial workloads. What most options are missing, however, are accounting tools customized for the unique needs of nonprofits. Most tools are adequate. Few are ideal, with the exception of Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct is …

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Cannabis Success: How Sage Intacct Cultivates Cash Flow

woman blowing smoke

As everyone in the cannabis industry knows, accounting could not be more important. Being acash-based industry (for now) requires careful oversight of how money moves in and out of thebusiness. Significant regulatory requirements mean that growers and sellers need to betransparent about their finances. And with competition picking up across the board, smart andstrategic money…

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Sage Intacct for Professional Services

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Success in professional services depends on accuracy more than anything else. Project managers must understand exactly what they spend, exactly what work their team performs, and then bill the client for exactly what is owed. Anything less than perfect accuracy can lead to under-billing, which leaves revenue on the table, or over-billing, which jeopardizes client…

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How Sage Intacct Takes Cybersecurity Seriously

A digital lock projecting from a laptop

Don’t invest in a new piece of software without considering cybersecurity – especially if it’s financial management software.  A recent outbreak of cyber attacks, including the ominous rise of ransomware, has shown that anyone can be a target, everyone can fall victim, and just one successful attack can lead to a crisis. Companies large and…

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Sage Intacct Takes AP Automation to the Next Level

A person typing on a laptop

Accounts payable is without a doubt one of the most significant obligations facing any business. Paying invoices obviously has a major impact on the bottom line. But on top of that, managing AP takes lots of time, energy, and careful attention to detail. Getting it right isn’t easy – but getting it wrong isn’t acceptable,…

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Unleash Opportunity By Integrating Salesforce + Sage Intacct

A collage of people working in an office

For a good example of how integrated technologies are transforming the present and future of business, look at Salesforce and Sage Intacct.  Salesforce is one of the most popular and powerful tools on the market for customer relationship management (CRM) along with countless related functions. Sage Intacct takes cloud accounting and finance to the next…

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The Clock Is Ticking on Digital Transformation in Finance

A glowing cloud floating on a platform

There was a time when a tech-driven approach to accounting and finance was seen as advantageous but still optional. Technology could give an accounting team extra abilities. Nonetheless, it was not absolutely necessary for companies that got by with their existing approach to accounting. Those days are over.  With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic,…

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