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Sage Intacct is a visionary cloud financial management solution with comprehensive software solutions customized to fit your needs.

Financials Face-Off

On-premise vs. Cloud



The Smarter Way to do Credit Control

Credit Hound is powerful credit control software that works with Sage 300 and Sage Intacct to help you to chase payments more effectively, instantly showing you who owes you money and who you need to chase. It helps to manage your cash flow, reduce bad debt and get paid faster, making your profit a priority.

Join us on Thursday August 18th at 1pm EST and find out how Credit Hound can help streamline your current process.


Sage HRMS Q2 2022 release

We are pleased to announce the latest product update to Sage HRMS

This Q2 2022 release provides customers with access to a series of new features and improvements that allow them to manage additional attachments, set up an enhanced multi-factor authentication, access new ESS pages from their mobile device, and much more.

What's New in Sage 300 Version 2022

Better User Experience
Greater productivity
Less training/retraining
Higher employee satisfaction
Improved efficiency

To learn more, watch this short demo here


Pur-Logic Solutions Inc. was established to serve the needs of businesses, both large and small by experienced professional accountants, controllers and technologists. Together we bring expertise in manufacturing, administration, retail, web stores, finance, HRMS and projected implantation. Pur-Logic Solutions is a professional and practical firm dedicated to helping our clients find and implement comprehensive software solutions that facilitate growth without downtime.

The Pur-Logic Solutions team and partners have assisted businesses to not only grow exponentially but create a powerful online presence and functionality.

Pur-Logic Solutions is a staff of professionals committed to delivering unparalleled service as well as steadfast perseverance to work with clients openly, honestly and fairly. We understand the concept of ROI – Return-On-Investment - but how many of us can say we have ROE – Return-On-Our-Effort?


Our Approach

Pur-Logic Solutions believes there is a difference between doing business and doing business "well." Making the right software choice is your first step. Let us guide you through the options.

Why Us?

Pur-Logic Solutions believes a strong foundation can support an organization through to a successful future. It is a belief we hold true for ourselves and our clients.

Pur-Logic Solutions prides itself on established industry alliances, from software to hardware, and solid network teams. Allow us to find the team that’s right for you. Remember to keep checking our Partner Products to see the latest software to enhance your operations.


Analysis & Design

Pur-Logic Solutions is here to work with you in identifying the source of your business needs. From sourcing a new software to working with what you have to gain more efficiencies, our team is qualified through years of industry experience to guide your team.

Software Implementation

Pur-Logic Solutions has consultants, implementers and trainers versed in the software and can provide conversion services from your current software, system design for your new software or module, testing, testing and more testing. We pride ourselves on making sure your system works for you.

Training & Support

Pur-Logic Solutions believes that implementation does not stop the day you go live. Our team of trainers have trained one on one and in classroom settings and are here to provide training and ongoing support after your implementation.


Pur-Logic Solutions has real-world experience to guide you through the process of streamlining your systems be they financial, manufacturing, communication, sales or a complete analysis of your processes, both financial and operational. Our defined methodology highlights need identification and a return on investment that makes sense to our clients.

Project Management

Pur-Logic Solutions understands that management and communication throughout a project, be it a form revision or a major implementation, is the key to the success of any project. Let us assist you by guiding you through the process. Effective communication between each team, both Pur-Logic and the client, is the path to success. Common targets, task lists, issues and milestones are the tools we bring to the project.

Report Design & Customization

Pur-Logic Solutions recognizes that each organization is unique. For those companies that require a reporting system uniquely their own, we can not only add functionality but also create workflows to alleviate human intervention and increase productivity. From logos, crystal report, excel based financial reporting to complex MS SQL reporting a team member is here to assist you.


Pur-Logic Solutions

Chin Radio Dials in Success With Help From Pur-logic Solutions

When CHIN Radio moved to update its accounting system, it sought a modern, flexible solution capable of interfacing its advertising revenue application. The old accounting system held a valuable history that CHIN Radio wanted to utilize in its new solution.

Come Walk With Us!

Pur-Logic Solutions is proud to be a part of the Rexall One Walk to Conquer Cancer event that unites walkers every year to raise funds benefiting the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. We encourage all to walk with us and together, we will help raise vital funds that directly benefit the Princess Margaret Cancer Center!

Pur-Logic Solutions


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